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Top 5 features of a high-converting landing page

marketing tips online business May 28, 2020

What’s the first step to creating and launching your digital project? Create the product, right? Nope! It may seem backwards, but before you start creating any digital product (like an online course, e-book, program, etc.), your first step is to create a landing page.

Also called a sales page, a landing page is a standalone page on your website that informs your potential customer about your product, with the objective to convert to a sale. Your landing page sells your prospective customer on the results they can expect. Honestly, you don’t even need a traditional website to sell on the Internet now; standalone landing pages (one for each digital product you offer) may be all you need. Landing pages can also be used if you’re directing people from a social media ad or obtaining opt-ins for an e-newsletter or lead magnet.

I advise my clients and students to create a landing page first because it helps you identify the key features of your product upfront—before you even create any content—and is a tool you can use immediately to take pre-registrations or pre-orders.

Here are my Top 5 features of a high-converting landing page:

1. Pain Points

Your landing page should address your potential customer’s pain points. What problem do they need help solving? Pain points are usually framed in the form of a question that prompts a "yes" answer, for example:

  • Do you feel sluggish and lack energy throughout the day?
  • Do you struggle to get likes and comments on your Facebook posts?
  • Do your hands shake and your voice tremble every time you have to speak in front of a large group?

2. Video

High-converting landing pages include a short video (between 1-3 minutes) that introduces you to the potential customer, highlights their pain points and how you can help solve their problem.

3. Benefits

What do they get when they purchase your product? This is different from results, in that benefits are the tangible things they can expect. Are they purchasing a digital course they can complete at their own pace? Does the product include checklists, workbooks, etc.? Consider including visuals that show actual screenshots or snippets of your digital product—sometimes a picture’s worth a thousand words!

4. Results

High-performing landing pages do a great job at highlighting specific results the customer can expect. Note that results are different from guarantees. Proceed with caution if you mention a monetary result, because results usually depend on the amount of effort the customer puts into it.

Testimonials from actual customers or students is a great way to demonstrate social proof and to bring life to the results or promises of your product.

5. About You

In many cases, customers don’t make their purchase decision solely based on the benefits or results they can expect from your product. They are also “buying” you. Be sure to include a little about you, but relate to your potential customer in a way that weaves in your experience and how you can help them.

Ironically, a great landing page bio is less about you and more about your potential customer and the results they can expect from you.

BONUS! 6. Call to Action Buttons

Strong calls to action make people click the button to the checkout page. Instead of using “click here,” consider using more catchy phrases on your buttons that allow your brand personality to shine through. 

Ensure you have one button above the fold (i.e. near the top of your landing page) and additional buttons sprinkled throughout the length of your landing page.

My Create Your Online Course program has an entire module that teaches small business owners how to implement these high-converting features when building a landing page. If you're curious what else is included in this program and how it can help you up-level your digital marketing game, get the details here.

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