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Andrea Nwobosi BrightSpot Marketing coach consultant

Hello, I'm Andrea Nwobosi.

As an experienced Marketing Coach + Consultant, I am passionate about all things marketing.

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My Story

I’m an entrepreneur, wife, mom and coffee-lover and I live near Edmonton, Canada. 

After completing a college diploma in Marketing and a university degree in Business Management, I started my 10-year career in the corporate world. At technology and energy companies, I held roles in marketing, investor relations, corporate communications, change management, human resources, and learning & development.

During my most recent corporate position, I started a side hustle as an independent business owner with a direct sales company. Throughout my four years with this company, I recruited, coached and mentored a team of 20+ business owners and achieved #1 Top in Sales and #1 Top in New Customer Sales across Canada. I created my own brand, built an organic digital presence that set me apart from other ambassadors who represented the same company, and earned incentive trips to Los Cabos and the Caribbean along the way. More importantly, I connected with other business owners in my local community.

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In conversations with other entrepreneurs, I realized that many of them didn’t have a marketing strategy. They felt overwhelmed with the changing landscape of marketing their business—what social media platforms they should use, how they could reach their target market [and get them to engage with their content!] and how they could expand their offerings and impact online.

When I started to get DMs from other business owners, asking for my ideas on marketing strategies and how they could grow their business, I realized I could not only help them, but I could also help more business owners just like them. In August 2019, BrightSpot Marketing was born. 

Since then, I’ve been coaching business owners [especially health + wellness coaches and practitioners] to streamline their path to growing their audience, impact and income online through authentic and aligned digital marketing strategies and campaigns.

What lights me up is seeing the impact my clients make on the lives of others through their programs.

That’s why I mostly work with health + wellness coaches and practitioners—because I get so flippin’ excited to see how people transform through their programs and services.

Because for me, it all comes down to impact…impact on my clients’ lives and families when they learn how to grow their brand authentically and earn more income online. And impact on their clients’ lives and families when their health and wellness improves. It is a ripple effect and I’m so honoured to be part of it.

It’s time to ditch the confusion and overwhelm! Let’s get started with a complimentary, no obligation 30-minute strategy call. During this session, we’ll discuss what you’re struggling with and how I can help.

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