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Faster Social Media Marketing

How to Make Social Media Marketing Faster

marketing tips social media Dec 03, 2021

I hear so often that you want to get better at marketing your small biz on social media -- and you want to do it faster! ⁠

I get it. And guess what?...there is a way! ⁠

Here are 3 tips to make posting on social media so much faster [and less overwhelming!] so you can get to where you want to be. 

1. Schedule your posts in advance

There's nothing worse that realizing that you forgot to post today AND feeling stumped on what to post! The panic sets in and the end result is typically a post that feels rushed, inauthentic and not very strategic.⁠

By planning and scheduling your next week's content in advance, you'll save time in the long run. There are many scheduling tools out there [my favourite is Later] and most offer the ability to schedule posts and stories across multiple platforms, all with one click!⁠

👉 Pro tip: Block 1-2 hours each week to create and schedule your content for the next week. I've found that when I don't block time in my calendar for this, I get sucked into the cycle of panic-posting.⁠

2. Use templates for copywriting and graphic design

While some biz owners might shy away from templates because they're worried their content might come across as inauthentic, I've discovered some amazing plug + play templates that give you strategic structure while enabling your unique voice to shine through.⁠

When writing post captions, starting from a template is so much easier than starting from a blank page. Templates can help you write compelling content that converts, without the writer's block.⁠

As for designing your graphics, I recommend using templates to create consistency for your visual brand and to save time when creating content. Again, it's a great starting point so you don't have to design every graphic from scratch.⁠

Check out my BrightSpot Shop, where you'll find all the DIY tools, templates + resources you need for marketing your small biz.⁠

⁠3. Repurpose your content

⁠Do you ever feel stuck with not knowing what to post? There's nothing worse than staring at a blank page, feeling like you've run out of content.⁠

There's a quick way to fix that! Check your insights to see which of your posts received the most engagement over the last three months. ⁠

One of my mottos is, "Do more of what works," so how can you repurpose your top-performing content in a fresh, new way?⁠

Here are a few ideas to repurpose your content:⁠

  • Reformat long-form, educational content into a carousel
  • Create a Reel out of a "top tips" post
  • Combine posts on the same topic into a long-form blog article, then post about your blog
  • Edit a long-form video into a short clip, then post the short clip
  • Pull key phrases or "soundbites" from long-form content and create a post around that soundbite 

We don't have to reinvent the wheel every time we sit down to create content for social media. ⁠Hopefully these tips will help make your content creation process faster!⁠

Keep shining bright!

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